Analytical Equipment

Ground Transport

NE4-14D Digital Thermostirrer

Ground Transport

NE4-14P Digital Water Circulator

Ground Transport

SW3H Ultrasonic Water Bath

Ground Transport

NE1-14 Litre Unstirred Thermostatic Bath

Ground Transport

NE2-14D Unstirred Digital Water Bath

Analytical Balance with Internal Calibration

Moisture Analyser DAB 200-2

Precision Balance EMB

HPLC Columns

Mediterranea Sea 18

Tracer Excel Novafix™ Cartridges

Prime Pro 48 Real-time qPCR

Prime Thermal Cycler

Techne® digital Dri-Block® heaters

Digital Water Bath SWB24D

Orbital Shakers SSL1

Automatic Melting Point SMP50

Digital Hotplate with Stirrer UC152D

Merit Water Still W4000

Advanced pH Meter 3510

Bench Conductivity Meter 4510

Double Beam Spectrophotometer 6850

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer 6300

Industrial Flame Photometer PFP7